Buyers Letters

The most recognized form of marketing your animal is by a buyers’ letter.  Buyers letters are a letter you send out to potential buyers before the fair telling them about yourself and about your project.  It is also an invitation for them to come to the fair and/or to participate at the junior livestock auction. In most cases buyers prefer getting buyers letters over any other form of information about your project.

Things that you should include in your buyers’ letter are:

  • Information about you: your name, your age, introduce yourself so they know who you are.
  • What club, chapter do you belong to.
  • Information about your project: Buyers like to hear about your animal and how you raised it.
  • Do not forget to include the fair dates, show dates, and auction time and location. You may also note that there is typically an auction buyers’ breakfast and dinner.
  • Include a picture of you with your project/animal
  • Make sure that these letters are personalized and about one page in length.
  • Be sure to thank them for their previous participation, if they have supported you before and either way for their consideration in supporting you this year.