2023 Volunteers

201 to 300 Volunteer Hours

Malia Schafer

101 to 200 Volunteer Hours

Marcella Gulmon
Colleen Haggerty
Nadine Duarte
Megan Baird
Kathy Towle
Kurt Stutzman

Linda Teagle
Bob Towle
Aaron Teagle
Cheryl Beckwith
Teri Schaffer

41 to 100 Volunteer Hours

Kyle Jordan
Katherine Orloff
Colleen Alger
Rhedyn Arnett
Keri Reese
Peggy LaBarbera

Carol Haggerty
David Peck
Regina Mathews
Joanne Haggerty
Rob Causey

20 to 40 Volunteer Hours

Audrey Spaid
Ashley Fiore
Jeff Orloff
Gary Gulmon
Akira Nishikawa

Jason Bombardier
Judy Mabie
Sal LaBarbera
Alan Williams
Sally Miller

1 to 19 Volunteer Hours

Randy Wallace
James Garamendi
Ken Middlebrook
Jeanne Sanders
Anna LaBarera
Dave Duarte
Bruce Schlegel
Nina Kulick
Vicky Bosworth
Carlos Hernandez
Hanna Epling
Jacob Dube
Addison Styczynski
Kim Williams
Pete Williams
Olivia Chavez
Zoe Baleria
Andrew Gonzalez
Emma Pozas
Grace Rizzi

Julie Hagerty
Ari Rutman
Kallista Rutman
Jeff Arnett
Abbie Loera
Dennis Mattish
Stan Alger
Beth Mabie
Caleb Mabie
Lacey Matthews
Megan Fisher
Kim Hayes
Katherine Greene
Jessica Heneghan
Summer Ota
Jennifer Morris
James Duarte
Dan Matthews
Jason Mathews
Scott Phillips
Nathan Tiscareno

Anna Clayton
Mary Bartlett
Sheila Vass
Diane Arnett
Jozsef Vass
Rebecca Edelman
Tiffany Causey
Valerie Loera
Al Cherry
Bonnie Cherry
Laura Tiscareno
Elsie Tiscareno
Aaron Alger
Ashley Jordan
Rachel Shaikh
Bill Dabel
Karen Clayton
Erick Turcios
Jazmin Turcios

Do you want to

become a volunteer

for The Fair 2024?

Fair Poster Contest

Poster Due By May 15, 2024

In celebration of the 80th year of the Santa Clara County Fair, we’re thrilled to announce a unique opportunity for young artists to create a commemorative fair poster. The Santa Clara County Fair has a rich history, dating back to its establishment in 1941.

In this competition, we are looking for young artists to channel their creative talents to illustrate how the Silicon Valley has evolved over the years, transitioning ‘From the Fields’ to the transformation of a tech-based landscape ‘The Future’. Let your artistic vision capture the essence of this journey as we celebrate the 2024 Santa Clara County Fair.

Please note that we only accept hand-drawn illustrations for this competition. Works created with any form of artificial intelligence assistance, whether partial or total, will not be considered. Let your imagination and skill shine through your traditional artistic expression. Good luck!