What happens after I win the bid?

After I win the bid what does that mean? & What are the costs associated with purchasing an animal?

After you successfully win the bid the Auctioneer announces you as the winner, the animal it is taken back to its pen.  Typically, an auction runner will then find you and hand you some paperwork to complete. This becomes your contract of sorts with the fair. On it you will confirm the price you agreed to pay for the animal and any other associated costs. It will also ask for you to determine the final disposition of the animal, i.e. custom cut and wrap, resale or donate. Find more information on that below.

Associated Costs

Cost per pound for the Animal – This equals the winning bid amount times the weight of the animal. For example, if your winning bid was $3.00 on a 1,250 pound steer, the total cost would be $3,750 ($3.00/lb x 1250 lbs = $3,750).

Cost per lot  – This applies to meat pens and eggs.  This equals the flat amount you will pay.  If your winning bid is $200 you will pay $200.

Animal processing fee – This is the fee charged by the processing plant to harvest/slaughter each animal and deliver it to its final destination.
There is no processing fee for rabbits, chickens or turkeys.

Processing fees are subject to change by the processor.  2022 processing fees were as follows:

Beef/Steer: Harvesting Fee -$275

Hog: Harvesting Fee -$75

Sheep: Harvesting Fee -$75

Goat: Harvesting Fee -$75

You also be given three options of what you would like to do with the animal.  They are listed below (click each for more details.) Transport and harvesting of steers, hogs, sheep and goats will be taken care of by the fair and any associated fees will be listed on your paperwork.  After you have made your choices an invoice will be prepared for payment.

Please note small animals (rabbits, chickens or turkey) will be processed by the exhibitor and they will work with the buyer for delivery.