2023 Buyers

Santa Clara County Fair Jr. Livestock Auction

Thank you to all those that bought and added on to lots at the 2023 Santa Clara County Fair Youth Auction. Thanks to individuals like yourself, youth are rewarded for their hard work and are given the opportunity to improve their future. Thank you for all that you do for the local youth!

Freedom Meat Locker

Christine Robison

Kami Tankersley

Maurizio's Fine Taste of Italian Cuisine, Inc

Homy Tali

Gary and Marcella Gulmon

JM Welding Service

Hiroko Nishimura

Haggerty Family

Jeff Arnett

Obdulia Esparza

Nick Rizzi

Abraham Andrade

Charles Stuart

King Grading

Sarah Tali

David Peck

Bob & Kathy Towle

West Valley Women's Health

Mike Shepherd

Timothy Wood

Jill & Andy DeBolt

Supervisor Ott Lee

Albert J Hultberg Jr

Jenel Vincze

ADF Construction

Carolyn Johnson

Julie Cooper

Heather Harper

Karen Clayton

Carrie Lim

Marcella Gulmon

Shawn Chacon

Veronica Lanto

Fastest Cleaning Services

Mario & Jessica Gonzales

Schlegel Club Lambs

Alondra Dominguez

Tom Toomire

Mark Comin


Alisa Olive

Daniel Chacon

Ruben Rosso

Chaunce Fontaine

Santa Clara County Fair Buyer's Coalition

DelGado Electric

Santa Clara County Firefighter’s Local 1165

Adrianne Gorman

Cheryl Snydner

Kurt Stutzman

Michael Murphy

Gilroy Nob Hill

TVT Trucking Inc

William Schord

Tony Gonzalez

Gabino Ramirez

Aaron and Berince Vollrath

Vicky Bosworth

Angel Castro

John Glage

American AgCredit

Elie Rose

Rene Rios

Al and Kim

Ruth Dahm

Duarte Cattle

Ronald Lee Long

David Stevens

Johnny Martin

Michelle McSorley

Halcon Security Agency

Albert Rocha

Keith & Roberta Richardson

Kim Scheerer

Kirk Nilson

Heather Paolini

Kevin Angelinovich

Lily Doty

Marty DeArmond

General Cardiac Technology

Katie Piro

Mike and Debbie Lombard

Terri Anderson

Blazer Wilkinson Gee

South Bay Piping Industry

Rachel and Rizwan Shaikh

Robert & Tiffany Causey

William Pickens

Michael Hingle

Julie Sexton

Bubba's Low Bed Service

Hinkle Construction, Inc

Jackie Martin

Safeway San Jose Stores

Ceilia Dominguez

Ryan Woodley

Norma Jean Paolini

Jacob and Sara Mendonsa

Linden-Cupps Hay Barn

Fidel Macias

Maryam Heidari

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Fair Poster Contest

Poster Due By May 15, 2024

In celebration of the 80th year of the Santa Clara County Fair, we’re thrilled to announce a unique opportunity for young artists to create a commemorative fair poster. The Santa Clara County Fair has a rich history, dating back to its establishment in 1941.

In this competition, we are looking for young artists to channel their creative talents to illustrate how the Silicon Valley has evolved over the years, transitioning ‘From the Fields’ to the transformation of a tech-based landscape ‘The Future’. Let your artistic vision capture the essence of this journey as we celebrate the 2024 Santa Clara County Fair.

Please note that we only accept hand-drawn illustrations for this competition. Works created with any form of artificial intelligence assistance, whether partial or total, will not be considered. Let your imagination and skill shine through your traditional artistic expression. Good luck!