Daily Schedule

The 2019 Santa Clara County Fair runs

AUGUST 1-4, 2019

Santa Clara County Fair starts in:

thursday August 1

9AMBeef Cattle ShowLivestock Tent
10 AMPoultry ShowExpo Hall
1PMFair OpensFair Opens
1PMPirate Jack Parrot ShowAt the Pirate Ship
1:30PMJohn Demurs-SinatraChristopher Park
2PMPirate Jack Parrot ShowAt the Pirate Ship
2PMHappy Bright Puppet ShowGarden Stage
2PMDock Dog Registration and PracticePavilion Grass/ Dock Dogs Pool
2:30 PMScotti & TrinkExpo Stage
2:30 PMMatt HelmChristopher Park
3PMDock Dogs- Big Air Wave 1Pavilion Grass/ Dock Dogs Pool
3PMBird ManFiesta Hall Lawn
4PMPirate Jack ShowAt the Pirate Ship
4:30 PMScotti & TrinkExpo Stage
4:30 PMCisco KidChristopher Park
5PMDock Dogs- Big Air Wave 2Pavilion Grass/ Dock Dogs Pool
5PMIsland Summer JamArena
5PMBird ManFiesta Hall Lawn
5:30 PMPirate Jack Parrot ShowAt the Pirate Ship
5:30 PMJames Kellogg Hypnotist ShowChristopher Park
5:30 PMHappy Bright Puppet ShowGarden Stage
6PMCisco KidExpo Stage
6PMBred and Fed Cattle ShowLivestock Tent
6:30PMPirate Jack ShowAt the Pirate Ship
7PMDock Dogs- Big Air Wave 3Pavilion Grass/ Dock Dogs Pool
7PMBird ManFiesta Hall Lawn
7PMScotti & TrinkChris Park
7PMPee Wee ShowmanshipExpo Hall
7PMKid Zone Closes 
7:30 PMDeAndre BrackensickExpo Stage
8PMPirate Jack ShowAt the Pirate Ship
8PMBarns CloseLivestock Tent and Expo Hall
8:30 PMJames Kellogg Hypnotist ShowChris Park
9PMDeAndre BrackensickExpo Stage
9:30 PMFireworks 
11PMFair ClosesFair Closes

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Buy tickets Here

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