Marketing Your Animal

Although there are many things you can do to market your animal, there are three main ways that youth typically market their projects for auction.  Below you will find more information about the three most popular options and who you should think about marketing to. 

Who to market to?

You could consider sending your buyer letter to your family doctor or dentist, insurance agent, or banker.  It may also include businesspeople you have a relationship with such as your feed store, your grocer, a restaurant owner, hair stylist, mechanic, or contractor.  Do not forget to send a letter to buyers of your previous projects, or send a letter to a relative, neighbor or family friend.     

It is important to remember that in many cases you will need to send out several letters to find a buyer.  You should plan to send out a minimum of 3 to 5 letters per animal and in many cases, you may need to send out more.  Also be sure you send them out far enough in advance for people to plan.  Most buyers’ letters should be sent out a minimum of 30 days prior to fair.