Food Vendors List

Taste the best Corndogs Funnelcakes Popcorn Pretzels Churros Nachos Candyfloss Kebabs Hotdogs Burgers from around the world!

Tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, quesabirrias, alambre, torta regular, Mexican Hot dog

Peppersteak, Linguica & Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Kabobs, Sandwiches, turkey Legs, Fried Artichoke & Zucchini

Corn Dogs, Cotton Candy, Candy & Caramel Apples, Popcorn, Sno Cones, Deep Fried Oreos, Twinkies & Snickers

Waffle w/ chicken & toppings plate, waffle cone w/ chicken & toppings, wffle w/ice cream & toppings plate, waffle cone w/ice cream & toppings. Waffle cone w/ Mac n Cheese, Root Beer Float, Lemonade

Variety of Burgers incl. Veggie, reg or flavored fries, chili, chili cheese fries, Kids Meals.

Beef, Chicken or Veggie Tacos, Burritos or Nachos, Tamales (pork,cheese or chicken), Fruit Cups, Mango on a stick, Horchatas, Watermelon water

Bone in & boneless wings, chicken sandwches, lobster rolls, Loaded fries, salads, fried veggies, chicken & waffle, smoked meat sandwich

Churros, various fillings, Churro sundaes, fried plantains, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Espresso , Coffees, Lattes, Iced & hot Cappucinos

Churros with Caramel, chocolate, vanilla or strawberry fillings, coffee

Giant Cookies with ice cream and syrup. Cupcakes & cake-cookies

Dippin Dots Ice Cream

Samosas, Empanadas, Pav Bhaji, Sliders (Chicken, Paneer, Samosa) Vada pav, Hango lassi, Gular Jamun, Nukkad Wala Cooler Lime

Calamari & chips, deep fried artichoke hearts & fries, hotwings & fries, buffalo chicken& fries, Carne Asada & fries, chicken tender sandwich & fries

Lemonade in Giant Baby Bottles

J-Shaped Ice Cream

Seafood Gumbo & catfish

Baked Potatoes with many toppings, Corn on the Cob

Kettle Corn – plain & flavored

Gyros (lamb, beef, chicken) wraps, Falafel Wraps, Chicken Shawarmas, fries, Cajun Fries

Plain grilled cheese, pulled pork grilled cheese, bacon grilled cheese, buffalo chicken melt, loaded tater tots (pulled pork, cheesy bacon, chili cheese) tomato soup, lemonade

BBQ pork ribs, giant beef ribs, brisket or pulled pork loaded nachos, BBQ beans, Grilled corn in a bowl w/ peppers & onions

Coffees,Cappuccinos, Mochas, Dopios, Lattes, Smoothies, Frappes, croissants, muffins

German specialties – German cakes, pastris and bread

Twisted Potato on a stick w/ toppings BBQ skewers (Beef/Chicken) BBQ Squid, Bulgogi Jap Chae (crystal noodles) Bulgogi (on sandwiches, french fries tacos, quesadillas, nachos) Korean Hot dogs, light bulb slushes, lemonade and fruit sodas.

Artisan Wood-fired Pizzas

Mini Pancakes with toppings

Pupusas (pork, chicken, steak, mushroom & cheese fillings) with curtido & salsa, chicken fajitas, stewed beef, tamales, horchata & jamaica

Rolled Ice Cream

Slushies, self serve, multiple flavors

Strawbery Shortcake and Orange Julius drinks

Funnel Cakes, flavor toppings, deep fried Oreos, Snickers, Twinkies, Fresas con crema soda, water

Teriyaki chicken rice bowl, corn dog, corn in a cup, shaved ice, frozen drinks, lemonade, Barbie freeze.

Texas Twister Fruit drinks – hand squeezed lemons, limes & oranges, hand shaken, served in Cowboy Boot glass. 5 yrs People’s Choice Award Antelope Vly Fair

Basil chicken or orange chicken with rice, red curry chicken or tofu with rice, Pad Thai (chicken or tofu), coconut curry noodle (chicken or tofu)

Soft Serve ice cream & Dole Whip

Hot dogs (short & foot long), foot long corn dogs, sausage in bun w/peppers & onions, brick o’ fries (with or without chili cheese), pickles, lemonade

Pretzels & Toppings

Peruvian non vegan or vegan ceviches, stir frys, skewers, empanadas, snacks. Peruvian fried funnel cake, fried bananas & drinks. Vegan version of each dish

Fair Poster Contest

Poster Due By May 15, 2024

In celebration of the 80th year of the Santa Clara County Fair, we’re thrilled to announce a unique opportunity for young artists to create a commemorative fair poster. The Santa Clara County Fair has a rich history, dating back to its establishment in 1941.

In this competition, we are looking for young artists to channel their creative talents to illustrate how the Silicon Valley has evolved over the years, transitioning ‘From the Fields’ to the transformation of a tech-based landscape ‘The Future’. Let your artistic vision capture the essence of this journey as we celebrate the 2024 Santa Clara County Fair.

Please note that we only accept hand-drawn illustrations for this competition. Works created with any form of artificial intelligence assistance, whether partial or total, will not be considered. Let your imagination and skill shine through your traditional artistic expression. Good luck!