What to sell your Animal for

The most often asked question by exhibitors is “What should I sell my animal for?  To answer that question, you first need to know how much you have spent and at what price you would breakeven meaning the price at which your expenses would be covered. Fortunately, there is actually a pretty easy formula for you to figure that out.  If you look at the table below you’ll see the basic idea for figuring out what you need as far as a “breakeven price“.

To get this number you take the amount that you purchased your animal for, add the cost of the feed and any other expenses you may have had.   Then take that total number and divide it by the estimated weight of your animal.   This is your breakeven price, the minimum amount that you would need to recover the investment you have in your animal project.  

Now that you know what the minimum amount needed to breakeven is, you should consider what you are looking to make as a profit.  This is up to you to decide. What are your goals for this project? Do you hope to make enough money to purchase next years’ animal? Do you have your eye on a shiny new iPhone? Whatever it is you hope to gain this is where it will happen. Feel free to talk to the other people in your project or your project leader for guidance. Once you have dollar figure you can again take that number and divide it by the weight of your animal. Take this new per pound price and add it to your breakeven price, now you have the total price you can tell buyers you are hoping to get.


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