Thank You Letters

One of the most important and most forgotten steps is to write a thank you letter.  Be sure to write thanks you letters to your buyers, those who do add-ons and awards sponsors, along with project leaders, advisors, parents and anyone who has helped you with making your project a success.   Thank you, letters should be a personal note, thanking them for their support.  While these letters don’t have to be long the more heartfelt, they are the better.

The basic outline should be:

check Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or Dear Local Business.

check Thank them for their generosity and support

check Thank you for buying my hog at the auction and for supporting the FFA or 4-H program.

check Thank you for purchasing the Grand Champion Rabbit trophy…

check Thank you for buying my goat, I really appreciate your generosity.

check Tell them what you enjoyed learning.

check I learned all about pig nutrition this year.

check This year I learned how to groom my goat all by myself.

check Because of the new friends I’ve met.

check I’ve had many opportunities to lead this year at FFA or 4-H meetings.

check FFA or4 -H has taught me about working hard this summer.

check I plan to put the money from the sale of my hog into my college fund.

check I am going to use the money to buy a good breeding doe for my new herd.

check Put towards a new project next year.

check Thanks again for buying my goat at auction!

check I really do appreciate your support!

check Thanks, Sincerely, Yours Truly


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