Buyers Coalition

The Santa Clara County Fair is proud to announce that we will be starting a Buyer’s Coalition! The Buyer’s Coalition allows for donations to be collected from local businesses and community members. Those donations will be used to buy livestock from the Santa Clara County Youth Livestock Auction. The meat that is bought at the auction will then be donated to local food banks and soup kitchens. 

In order for your animal to be purchased by the Buyers Coalition and to receive Add-Ons from them exhibitors must:

  • Only open to exhibitors living in Santa Clara County
  • Complete the application process that includes the following
    • Basic Information (Name, Age, Club/Chapter, Years in the program)
    •  Short-Essay Questions 
    •  A MAILED (not emailed) buyer’s letter to the Buyers Coalition
  • Other Notes:
    • Filling out the application does not guarantee a bid from the Buyers Coalition
    •  “Floor prices” will not be established or marketed before the sale.
    • Only available to youth who go through the auction.
    • Only available for large animals (beef, sheep, swine, goats)
    • Leaders MUST verify other letters had been sent 
    • Money may be used for add-ons
  • A link to the application found under Guides and Forms